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For several years, we have, together with the active youth, thought about how to get nifty young people involved in the life of the community in which they live. We have met with representatives of the local authorities who were eager for young people to want to cooperate with them and participate in issue solving that they must decide on.

It happened.

Youth began to communicate with municipal and city leaders, they began to form groups called youth councils or youth parliaments. Youth workers – coordinators, also appeared and started the path of supporting the functionality of youth councils, youth parliaments.
We have also found out that youth councils, youth parliaments are functioning and developing their activities in many countries. They are supported by experienced umbrella organizations that have sought ways to support the work of young people in these groups and to address the issues that young people face in youth councils.

This is how the project YC2 – Youth Councils Yet Coming, was born.

Youth Council of Žilina Region (Slovak), Petrklíč help, z.s. (Czech), Fundacja Civis Polonus (Polish) and Žilina Region (SK), named the main problems that need to be solved when working with youth councils and youth parliaments. They rolled up their sleeves and, together with the young people and their coordinators, started a joint international project called: YC2 – Youth Councils Yet Coming

And here are its outputs:

  1. Study on youth councils, youth parliaments.
  2. Methodology for coordinators and lecturers of youth councils and e-learning.
  3. Networking web platform for youth councils, youth parliaments.

We offer:

  1. Registration of a youth council/youth parliament on a map.
  2. List of organizations which are looking for cooperation partners.
  3. Space for activity sharing.

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Youth Council, Youth Parliament

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Youth Council, Youth Parliament

What is the Youth Council, Youth Parliament?

Local youth councils are youth groups that represent the views of young people at a local level. They give young people a voice in the current events in their community or town and allow their opinions to be heard in the decision-making process of the local government. They give young people the opportunity to discuss current issues, involve them in decision-making processes and contribute to improving the lives of young people in the community where they live, study, or work. They also organize immersive and educational activities with young people to better develop their competencies.